Wladimir Klitschko vs Lamon Brewster 2

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Wladimir Klitschko: Training Camp Part 4 – NUTRITION & WORKOUT MOTIVATION

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Speculations Over St Pierre Rise As Trainer Hints At His Comeback

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By Liam, October 17, 2014 10:33 am

UFC grand champion Georges St Pierre is currently being most sought after player. He was one of the greatest fighters that the UFC has ever seen in history and speculations are rising on his return for the fight. The player once said that he won’t be coming back as he is taking his time away from the game and will seek some time for himself. The player didn’t indicate that he will be making a return in coming days. This former welterweight champion announced to the world that he will be taking his time off from sports and since then he didn’t spoke about his comeback to the game.

Recently the speculations regarding the player’s comeback increased when his chief trainer Firas Zahabi announced in public that he would be making his comeback soon in the game. According to Zahabi the former champion will be making his comeback in the next year. This would be of course a comeback to watch out for. After the announcement made by Zahabi the former UFC champion still didn’t comment on it and there is no confirmation from the player itself. The fans and the UFC organisers are looking forward for his comeback as the UFC would be doing everything to make it a successful comeback for him.

After getting treatment and getting free from the rehab centre he would be free to train from the month of October if he sees to come back to the game once again. Dane White the UFC president is convinced that the player will be coming back sooner than thought and he also released a statement saying that if he returns then the UFC will be providing him a stage for a direct shoot at the championship. He also said that if St. Pierre is looking for a fight before the championship the UFC will be more than willing to make arrangements for him. This shows that the UFC is more than willing to help St. Pierre in making his comeback successful.


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Timothy Bradley keen to make a mark

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By Liam, September 29, 2014 6:06 pm

Timothy Bradley is a professional boxer from California, United States fighting in the light welterweight and welterweight categories. He has always been involved with grueling training sessions and is never afraid to walk the extra mile for success. He has been on vegan diet since his win in early 2008 and believes that it adds to his power and strength as a boxer. The highest point in his career was in 2012 when he became the champion by defeating Manny Pacquiao and ending his winning streak. Timothy Bradley became an overnight sensation after ending the dominance of the veteran. But he failed to hold on to his form and faltered in the later matches. The rematch resulted in his loss and the injury that he suffered in the process was a major setback to his career plans. He has been on the recovery since that match but is getting ready for a comeback recently. The doctors did a great job along with the coaching staff in getting him back to good shape at such a short span of time. His first return fight is tipped to be an easy one but the athlete is keen on getting to fight with the best.

A boost to the rankings Is of utmost importance for the star now. The fans are hoping for Timothy Bradley to hit the headlines once more. It is surely going to take a special effort from his side to make this count so early in his recovery period. But the expectations are high and like every professional he has also promised to be at his very best in the upcoming match. The new lineup is getting heated up with all the important boxers raring to go. Bradley is no exception and is looking forward to the challenge.

Wladimir Klitschko vs Alexander Povetkin Full Fight HD

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