Wladimir Klitschko vs Alexander Povetkin Full Fight HD

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Santos’s fourth fight against Cain Velasquez

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By Liam, August 6, 2014 9:06 pm

It has been a decent period of time since Junior dos Santos fought against Cain Velasquez, but along with the experts and fans of both the players, Junior himself hoped that they might face each other anytime soon in the present season of WWE.

Both Cain Velasquez and Junior dos Santos, have faced each other in total three occasions, where the famous AKA of the WWE world have won all the three titles making their type of game one sided.

In December 2012, Velasquez defeated JDS extraordinarily and defended his title belt. The match also witnessed some brutal violence from both the players. With this defeat of JDS in the hand of Valesquez, the experts from this field believe that JDS should work on his fitness and bring some change in his fighting style so that he can at least put a defense against Cain Valesquez.

On the other hand, JDS has reportedly said that, he does not want to remember the past and want to look forward. “I can accomplish winning titles by defeating Cain,” said the 33 year old fighter when the media asked about his upcoming matches with Valesquez.

During his interview with online sports portal Tatame.com Santos has said that, “I believe that I will have another match against Cain Valesquez in the final round of the title. Though Valesquez said we will not have a chance to face each other, but I dont think that way. As far as the divisional ranks are concerned then I still am a much bigger player than him. Things will immediately get changed if I win another two or three bouts against Valesquez and present a confident performance. I have learned from my past mistakes and have evolved my game. I can beat Valesquez,” he said.

Boxing champion Wladimir Klitschko interview with the Guardian

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Shane Carwin Bracing Up For Match Against Brock Lenser

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By Liam, July 22, 2014 11:01 am

UFC president, this week, when asked about former champion Brock Lenser’s return in the UFC welterweight division, did not say anything. He was also tightlipped when White was asked whether he would visit the high voltage match between Lenser and Carwin.

It was way back in the month of July in 2010, when Brock Lenser and Shane Carwin fought for the first time. In that match the entire boxing world witnessed that Carwin gave Lenser a tight challenge in the first round of the fight. But managing the initial hurdles, Lenser came back into the match and left his stamp on Carwin by his signature arm triangle in the end of the match. However, according to experts, behind’s Carwin’s retirement, there have been a couple of reasons, which include his long term injuries after his shocking defeat with Junior Santos.

But considering the recent tweets by the former heavyweight champion, the fans and followers of Carwin believe that Shane might come back to the ring soon this year. But at the same time UFC168 match announcement is yet to be done.

However, the critics of Shane Carwin have also poured their negative thoughts and prediction about the former champion. Some believe that without getting injured again there is less chance that Carwin will win the match. But it is time so see whether the once reputable fighter can stop his critics’ blabbing through his upcoming performance after his long hiatus from the professional front.

Experts believe that it altogether will be a different experience for Shane Carwin as staying away from the inter-nation bouts will have an impact on his performance. But given his talent and skill, he might taste success if Carwin manages to overcome his fear of injuries.

Wladimir Klitschko Vs Ross Puritty 05-12-1998)

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Wladimir Klitschko – Unser Traum ist in Erfüllung gegangen

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