By , March 23, 2017 8:13 am

Former WBA heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitcsko says he is feeling much younger as he prepares for his rematch bout with Tyson Fury who defeated him some months ago.

It would be recalled that the Ukrainian boxer lost his WBA heavyweight title to Fury back in 2015.

The veteran fighter who is reported to be quick to exercise his rematch clause with Fury told Sky Sport’s Ed Robinson, that losing to Fury in their previous bout has brought with it a feeling of liberation.

The fighter, who says he is enjoying his current position as a challenger, said: “I love it. I just feel younger. I feel better. Believe it or not, I’m enjoying the position I’m at right now. I’m relieved. I’m relaxed but alert.

“I want to show to myself and my fans that I can become a champion again and can solve that challenge positively with a positive end for me,” he added.

In their first encounter, Klitschko seemed to have thrown everything at Fury but was reluctant to throw his famed right hand at the current champion. However the few times he did, Tyson seem to preempt the move as he nullified the threat quite quickly.

Klitschko, who reacted to the defeat by Fury, stated that while his body was present in that ring, he wasn’t present as he failed to throw his famous venomous punch at fury. He further added that he has been strengthened by his position as a challenger and believes Fury will test his resolve when both men go head to head in their bout slated for Manchester.

While the match is still some months away, the fearless Ukrainian insists he is not under any pressure to win and believes the rematch between him and Fury is an opportunity bounce back.




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