KO Of The Year Goes To Klitschko

By , January 20, 2015 8:16 am

The heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko surely has made a score out of his big knockouts. In these few years the fighters who have lost matches to his fist of fury are Eddie Chambers, Tony Thompson, Samuel Peter, Alex Leapai and Jean-Marc Mormeck. Klitschko has lined up all his championship defense win of about 9 years in a row which shows his pure dominance in the game.

The only great weapon that Klitschko has is his right hand, the knockout weapon that he uses on his opponents. He punches them with a jab that is almost missile like and is the best the boxing world has seen.

The one thing that people forget is his pulverizing left hook which is pretty diverse. The hook is something that is equally devastating as the punch when Klitschko makes up his mind to use it. It was Kubrat Pulev’s bad luck as he is the one who received the most of the hooks and knockdowns. It was the final one that he received which made him unconscious in the fifth round and made Klitschko win the title with the highest score for knockouts of the year according to ESPN.com.

Klitschko is a person who is always critized and accused that he has a clinical approach when he fights but this time after the knockout, he has shown more emotion than he usually shows. Klitschko didn’t like Pulev and so, the fighter who is usually very nice to his opponents made the knockout worth remembering as he gave Pulev a shove with his forearm when he was falling on the mat. It was after he touched the mat that Klitschko pumped his fist.

The final blow of the almost flawless performance by Klitschko was the left hook which was more than just brilliant.

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