Stare down / Wladimir Klitschko vs. Tony Thompson

By , February 15, 2013 6:38 am

Wladimir Klitschko Movie Score: four / 5

24 Responses to “Stare down / Wladimir Klitschko vs. Tony Thompson”

  1. Cottam89 says:

    they look bored

  2. guyNbluejeans says:

    I didn’t know it was his brother, as I don’t follow these events too much. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  3. MissAudrey120 says:

    he did take it, but he also was fully aware of how physically superior he was to the man who spat in his face, then his bother won the fight with pretty much one hand.

  4. guyNbluejeans says:

    That guy even spat in Klitschko’s face and Klitschko just took it.

    You have a nice way of thinking.;-)

  5. MissAudrey120 says:

    being able to carry heavy heart with a clear head is the ultimate form of tough in my opinion. the ones who have wronged you are not tough at all, they break under the slightest bit of pressure because they cannot deal with the hard ships of life. i promise you its easy to do nasty things to unsuspecting people , its easy to rob someone , its easy to lose control and become abusive towards others. its tough not too. trust me your just fine. even klitschko doesnt know he is tough.

  6. guyNbluejeans says:

    Interesting perspective. But the only quiet knowledge I have about myself is that many people have said and done some really nasty things to me during the course of my life, and so my thinking is that if I were tough I would have pounded them to a pulp and by doing that I’d not be walking around with such a huge load of bad memories while not having the satisfaction of bringing them to balance via some instant justice. But at least my karmic piggy bank is on the plus side for me ……:-)

  7. MissAudrey120 says:

    why wait ? just remember that being tough is about quiet knowledge about yourself , a confidence that you dont have to tell people you have but they can just see it. you might already be tough , its not always about being able to fight that makes a person tough.

  8. rade cvijanovic says:

    Vladimir is the winner!! 🙂

  9. guyNbluejeans says:

    In my next life I want to be a tough guy.

  10. Temedir Manelis says:

    To Watch The Fight Enter here :

    goalshighlights. com/2012/07/wladimir-klitschko-vs-tony-thompson-ko-video/

  11. Bram25 says:

    Thompson lost the blinking contest.

  12. Mr0Rlovsky says:


  13. Peter Razumovsky says:

    Do you want to try insted?

  14. Kela456west says:

    Fucking diver klitchko fighting some old people and paying them aswell

  15. oscarwilde66666 says:

    niggers going down

  16. Billy Conn says:

    rtl 7 22:10

  17. Gregor Just says:


  18. fastforward3000 says:

    I hope so too, but I don’t think it will happen

  19. 12312941249214 says:

    Vladimir is the winner

  20. polrex02 says:

    where can I watch this fight?

  21. pgotw says:

    The look on Wlad’s face at the end is priceless

  22. asala2116 says:

    i know … but how good will it be,. his paying 11 to 1

  23. Al4utube says:

    guess if he wins you win a fortune, he is so unlikely to win. old and slow.

  24. Al4utube says:

    Vitali is are rare exeption, such as Holyfield.
    Even though he is still champion, I think he is past his prime now.
    In his last 6 belts, he had 3 decision victories, his KO percentage before that was the greatest in heavyweight history. So obviously he Iron Fist has lost some of it’s power. You also see that in his last fight vs Chisora he struggled a lot. He might be
    able to remain on the top of the division for a few more years, but this isn’t the same Klitschko that fought Lewis anymore.