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By , January 22, 2017 4:51 pm

WBC heavyweight titleholder Deontay Wilder is still giving Wladimir Klitschko a go at defeating IBF heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua in their bout on April 29 regardless of his feelings that father time is hitting on the door of the aging 40-year-old Ukrainian heavyweight.

Deontay frankly admits that he prefers the younger lion Joshua win the fight, though, considering that a show-down between the two will make a heck of lots of green stuff. Wilder enjoys the idea of him matching a fighter like Joshua, whom will come to slug with him, given that he desires to trade shots with him and land a few right hands blow on his chin to see whether he remains standing.

Joshua hasn’t been hit with a significant shot ever since Dillian Whyte staggered him in the second round of their fight in 2015. If Joshua defeats the hapless Wladimir on April 29 without getting hit with something significant, then Wilder might be next if the IBF and WBA allow Joshua the to fight the 6’7” Deontay in a unification fight.

Wilder asserted this regarding his views on the Joshua vs. Wladimir fight on April 29 at the Wembley Stadium in London, England:

“With the Klitschko and Joshua bout, my heart is with Joshua, yet my mind is with Klitschko,” explained Wilder while discussing his thoughts on the Joshua-Klitschko fight. Continue reading 'WILDER: KLITSCHKO SHOULDN’T BE WRITTEN OFF'»

Wladimir Klitschko To Come Back To True Form Soon

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By , August 12, 2016 9:08 am

Those who know Wladimir for his revolutionary fighting skills also know that he and his brother are incredibly gifted.

Did you know that Wladimir also holds a PHD and is conversant in four languages? He has definitely dominated the boxing scene in the heavyweight category, along with his brother who has now retired from the boxing scene and is currently a mayor of the Ukraine capital.

His trainer is Peter Fury, his uncle as well as a legendary fighter in his own right. The fury has stated that many of the talented fighters in the same category have been avoiding taking on Wladimir in the ring. He has had a winning streak of 21 fights consecutively, which is a feat impossible to master by many. Wladimir is known to have suffered defeats through concussions and knockouts early into his career.

For that reason he is taking on defensive strategies in his fights these days. His punches come out only when he is sure of connecting and being able to stay out of range at the same time. The approach has its benefits, but shortcomings as well. Last year he was defeated when his weaknesses were exploited by Tyson Fury. Tyson was able to dominate as well as push off Wladimir and get him defeated. However, most fans are hopeful that Wladimir will get back and would be back in form, ready to overcome his weaknesses and become more formidable in the ring than what he already is.
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Wladimir Klitschko vs David Bostice [Full Fight]

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By , February 19, 2015 6:10 pm

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Wladimir Klitschko Entrance vs David Haye HDTV

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