Tyson Fury Talks About Fighting Wladimir Klitschko & Deontay Wilder

By , March 20, 2015 1:00 am

Wladimir Klitschko Movie Score: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Tyson Fury Talks About Fighting Wladimir Klitschko & Deontay Wilder”

  1. MrAddz90 says:

    Tyson would rip that belt from Wilder.

  2. Rich Gannon says:

    BOMB SQUAD!!!!!

  3. goodfella21f says:

    this pussy dont want none of wilder, that’s why he fighting Hammer, another
    bum. what a pussy. While Wilder just fought for a title this pussy’s just
    fighting bums.

  4. Thomas Bowers says:

    If fury beat wilder and wlad he would prove a lot of people wrong.. It’s
    not impossible 

  5. Lewis Clarke says:

    He’s a lot more laid back now, definitely like this version of him better.
    I always saw him as an emotionally unstable and insecure guy, who talked a
    lot of shit just to compensate for his lack of confidence in himself. Since
    he proved himself as an elite level fighter with the most definitive win of
    his career against Chisora, I think he knows what he can do now and knows
    he don’t have to act like that anymore.

  6. Solomon"supersoul"prince (The Shadowman) says:

    Tyson fury and deantae wilder talking to each other must be and akward

    TYSON FURY: Hey wilder, you see you, your in the wrong sport, your 6ft7 and
    weigh 210lbs. This is not basket ball. I knock you out so hard you’ll think
    the super bowl is a cereal commercial.

    DEANTAE WILDER: Bomb squad, no terror, homie.

    The end.

  7. Marx Aur says:

    Tyson Fury has yet to fight anyone that matters. He is the type of guy that
    says he wants big fights and prices himself out.

  8. Andromon PSN says:

    Whatever you say about them they’re both beasts with no fear.. It’s not
    like mayweather pacquiao situation. 

  9. Gerop says:


  10. Adz says:

    Tyson’s gonna be kissing the floor when he finds Wilder.

  11. Gordon Shumway says:

    this guy should get in better shape, then he might have a chance against

  12. Brian Morrison says:

    earned it the hard way by fighting chisora twice.

  13. splif jackson says:

    He seems like a nice guy showing respect for fellow top ranked

  14. Marvindorfler1 says:

    Fury is disappointingly quiet about wilder, tells me Hes not wanting that
    fight. You know its a shit sign when a fighter Is asked who he wants next
    and the fighter replies that he leaves that up to his management team.
    Shithouse answer from the man himself , as he would say if someone else
    cracked that reply

  15. Exaltedone says:

    Lol this is the most normal I have evr seen this guy act,funny character
    though lol

  16. Alex Degnim says:

    he said “Bomb Squad, thats it” lol

  17. KAB says:


  18. 3eroO0 says:

    This nigga has the body structure of Eggman from Sonic X, really
    counterintuitive to his character and personality when you see that clumsy
    form in the ring

  19. AlJeffersonA1 says:

    About time Fury talked with more respect about his possible opponents, why
    isn’t he like this more of the time? As for Fury v Wilder; Fury wins easily
    on the strength of what I have seen. Wladimir is a much tougher prospect

  20. Granny Basher says:

    Tyson Fury only fights for a paycheck like the typical Gypo he is. 

  21. chuckn char says:

    Fury is maturing

  22. ABSDEFRD says:

    He has totally No chance against any of these 2 !!

  23. Mick EFF says:

    Really hope Tyson get’s a bit better luck with making fights this year. 

  24. GetSchanked says:

    Fury vs. Wilder: Fury wins in 12. BUT, hopefully Klitschko gets the WBC
    shot against Wilder first, then Fury can fight Klitschko for all the belts.
    However, Klitschko does to Tyson Fury what he did to Mariusz Wach.

  25. KAB says:

    Wilder would KO him in 2