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Wladimir Klitschko Online video Ranking: three / five


  1. George Washington says:

    stop being such a mr.justice, the tactics was appropriate, the little red
    hair rooster was too jumpy a Klichko needs to retire he apparently wants to
    win the easiest possible way.

  2. Ahmed Çarpar says:

    This is Boxing plsss it is tactics !!!

  3. ImBreakingThe4thWall says:

    At 2:12 it looks like Klitschko picked up some Mayweather tactics. He does
    that too. When you put your weight on a fighters shoulders like that, you
    tire them out and make it harder for them keep punching at their normal
    rate. It’s been years since anyone has called Mayweather on it, not since
    the first Castillo fight.

    I still haven’t seen the rest of this video, but am interested in seeing if
    Wladimir sticks his forearms in his opponents face too. Mayweather uses
    that tactic to keep fighters off balance and prevent a good counter punch.
    Again, it’s been a long time since anyone has called him on that. It’s
    things like this that make me miss the boxing of old. Even if there was
    corruption, at least it wasn’t as blatant as it is now for the fighter who
    is better politically connected within the sport.

    Damn, there is a lot of hugging too. I’m a fan of the Klitschko bros, but
    did Wladimir go there to fight or did he want fuck?

  4. Uziel manzano says:

    everyone has their own style lol

  5. silvano wacker says:

    Fuck that Class Chin Coward Grabmir “Dr Octopussy” Clinchko
    Nobody will remember him in 10 years

  6. Sergio Rguez says:

    that’s not boxing…

  7. Anton Khuu says:

    effective way preventing headbutts

  8. JunkiesTube says:

    “Stop fuckin’ crying – This is legal untill the ref spot i,t and give a
    warning or take 1 point away from him (which he didn’t…!)

    And those of you who says this isn’t boxing – What about Tyson’s dirty
    albows, Muhammad Ali’s bith clinching, or Holyfield’s headbutting…?

    This is just a part of boxing, if it is too complicated for you guys, then
    turn on Mickey Mouse Play House!

  9. jim efwards says:

    Povetkin caused most of this by charging in headfirst. It looked as if he
    were trying to headbutt Wladimir’s chest. Also saw quite a bit of clinching
    by Povetkin. Povetkin charges in himself and grabs on. This is an obvious
    repetitive video by the president of Povetkin’s fan club. As another put
    it–watch the Lewis and Tyson fight, and many of Ali’s fights. These
    whiners never stop.

  10. unchained89 says:

    what should he do if povetkin always wants to bite his cock?

  11. Autumn Gaslight says:

    Here’s the amount of fucks I give…

    **shows empty hand**

  12. Nedim Tabakovic says:

    Tactics are OK, but holding his head under arm pit and hitting from bellow
    is crap!!! Povetkin should make scrambled eggs out of his balls, and repay

  13. ryan finnegan says:

    this fight sucks fuck heavyweight 

  14. Pedro Araujo says:

    he grabs all the time because he has a glass chin…and he and everyone
    knows it…

  15. Petro Pavlyshyn says:

    NSD You’re a joke.

  16. sharamoota a says:

    This guy is mad lol…SMH

  17. thewelshviper says:

    I you people think this is bad you would probably scream in horror of the
    illegal things Mysterious Billy Smith and Fritzie Zivic would do in their

  18. Reg Moh says:

    This video is shocking because of your montage and your LIES NSDelsol. ^^

    “Clinches in his video apprx. 22 minutes”. Yeah, except you must retire
    your cuts for your written “facts” and stupid jokes, several long replays,
    mid rounds, some moments when they’re waiting or just fighting. Finally,
    you can retire several mins !

    “180 clinches initiated by Klitschko, source : this video.” Yeah, you know
    nobody is really going to count all clinches and obviously you don’t give a
    fuck when it’s not initiated by Wlad so “180” of course, we’re going to
    believe you. 😀

    “So Wladimir was clinching for two thirds of the fights” ok so you’re
    telling us than all the clinches in your video are because of Wlad.
    Seriously ? Sometimes nobody initiated it, they’re doing at the same time.
    Sometimes it’s clearly from Povetkin. Examples in the early rounds 0:23,
    0:50, 1:20, 2:38, 3:10. And finally, initiated yeah, but don’t forget when
    he’s not holding anymore and Povetkin continue to do it ?

    Finally, I search in the lasts min. of the vid… but no ! You’re not
    showing the moment when the “corrupt referee” deducted a point ! That’s
    straaaaange ! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    So in fact : Wlad holding is excessive, I totaly agree. But two thirds of
    the fights ? FAR from it. Actually “Anyone who makes excuses for this
    DISGRACEFUL… video is being an idiot !”

    So, have a good day, Tyson Fury fan.

  19. Russ trill says:

    this video just proves wlad has no inside skills whatsoever like 0 lol
    completely none. If he ever takes the fight with Deontay Wilder this shit
    will not fly i gaurantee. Wilder is too huge and explosive to let klitschko
    clinch with him lol it just wont work with wilder, his onyl hope against
    wilder is to somehow stay on the outside wich i dont think he will be able
    to do wilder will come in and just swing on him with his long hands making
    klitschko finally lose. But that will never happen because wlad will never
    take the fight

  20. Miles X says:

    so what is a guy supposed to do when another man is trying to give him head
    in the middle of the ring? People always get pissed when the clinching
    starts, guess what, not much else you can do when your opponents only
    strategy is to motorboat your crotch while winging punches.

  21. Simon Kalashnikov says:


  22. Yavata says:

    Disgrace, disgrace, disgrace – this is most pathetic champion ever. Hope
    Pulev retire this fake champion.

  23. Aston Bright says:

    ref must have been paid by Klitschko. Wlad wasn’t looking to fight just
    wear down his opponent by wrestling. in my eyes I would have said to
    Wladimir anymore holding and I will disqualify you.

  24. ravengsxr says:

    Even on the UFC you don’t get to see this much of clinches. Not a boxing
    expert but doesn’t the ref must’ve warned then deducted points or
    something? because i mean this is ridiculous.

  25. Dre11418 says:

    Since was putting people in headlocks part of boxing?