Wladimir Klitschko: Training Camp Part 4 – NUTRITION & WORKOUT MOTIVATION

By , October 29, 2014 6:21 pm

Wladimir Klitschko Online video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Wladimir Klitschko: Training Camp Part 4 – NUTRITION & WORKOUT MOTIVATION”

  1. HURRICANE says:

    Why this Fucking Music .. But nice to be watching his kind of Training .

  2. paymanz says:

    what was that foods?

  3. LordPlautus says:

    the worst champ ever

  4. Marie Claire Franke says:

    One champion. Wladimir!!!

  5. DarthMuse says:

    wlad is beast i hope he wins his a true heavyweight champ people just dont
    know it!

  6. Martin Vasilev says:

    Yeah for sure it looks funny and amusing because u r looking by the eye of
    a man not practicing boxing-no offense to you dear 🙂 ,but in this sport
    you should be relaxed all over your body,so dancing is mandatory part of
    training sessions.Boxing matter is much more an issue of a proper technique
    but a rough power.Even Mike Tyson is an extraordinary boxing performer who
    made his way to heavyweight title by proper technique than using his power.

  7. sevina123 says:

    1:36… That’s his breakfast. 😀

  8. schaub13ryan says:

    It would be cool to hang out with Vlad. Not only an inspiration, but he
    seems like a chill guy to kick it with. He still seems to have a young
    spirit. I hope I’m like that when I’m his age (not that he’s old).

  9. creed007100 says:

    That music..that voice….it sounds like Jonsi but am not sure….info
    please anyone?

  10. Dominik Staško says:

    Respect from Slovakia !

  11. paymanz says:

    why he punches in the wood?

  12. pranjal singh says:

    Difficult to find champions who are also good at heart! Well done
    guys….you r an inspiration!

  13. Actu FrenchRap says:

    LOL Some people might understand what i mean too : Muhammad Ali Floyd jr
    Mayweather Pele Micheal Jordan Tiger Woods

  14. CoachArezki says:

    totally inspiring stuff…top class!!!

  15. alex1998xPro says:

    make the knuckles stronger

  16. TheShariotoflove says:

    all that steak?! lol

  17. ffrg0 says:

    Beautiful comment, you are absolutely right.

  18. chickinshock says:

    Wladimir, what else?

  19. LORDCRAWFORD says:

    Pure Class.

  20. jonnygillard says:

    Does this mean Wladimir likes Sigur Ros and BBQ’s? Bravo

  21. DaveWBedford says:

    Great video. Does anyone know why Wlad is rubbing his knuckles against the
    wooden post? Is it to toughen them?

  22. Megė Matukaitė says:


  23. ras1611 says:

    Wladimir rocking the Miami Heat Cap!!! Thats what I’m talking about! Good
    luck Wladimir! Wish you the best in the fight July 2nd. You’ll WIN!

  24. belingafred says:

    Gotta give respect to the heavyweight champion of the world no matter what
    this man and his brother remain an inspiration to all of us. Thank you

  25. MattiBification says:

    why has my sister never boyfriends like him?