Wladimir Klitschko v Alexander Povetkin Open Training, Austria, 17th September 2013

By , April 17, 2015 5:59 am

Wladimir Klitschko Video Ranking: four / five

25 Responses to “Wladimir Klitschko v Alexander Povetkin Open Training, Austria, 17th September 2013”

  1. Jasmin Aluartasi says:

    Klischk du bist der best Boxer dein Bruder Auch

  2. GetBuk86 says:

    im for povetkin! klitschko is to long heavyweight champion.

  3. tko1984 says:

    Looks like Sam Sexton at 0.30

  4. Milan Nikolic says:

    This will be interesting.

  5. dartstas says:

    Putin wins! Hi have black belt judo

  6. Ivan32167 says:


  7. John Johnson says:

    I want see the fight: Barack Obama vs Wladimir Putin

  8. MrRedman23 says:


  9. ArbourParq1 says:

    cool guy, loads of respect.

  10. MrKingpin3434 says:

    Actually Povetkin has the right style for WK but his lack of punching power
    is a big problem in that fight. Someone with that strength-sapping
    Peek-a-boo-boxing needs brutal one punch power.

  11. aron schindler says:

    I can’t believe how much Holden he gets away with

  12. Jose Garcia says:

    I really don’t understand y people call this idiot one of tr best
    boxers…his pathetic..all he know is throw two punches he looks like a
    wrestler.. the whole 12 rounds hi didn’t do anything very dirty fighter…
    is that’s what you call great !!

  13. Nemanja Grbovic says:

    Povetkin said there is 5-6 ways to counter Wlad jab but i think that he
    will counter it with a overhand most of the time he posses very fast and
    strong overhand right and very good left hook so i know that this fight is
    going to be a great one and i’m predicting Povetkin by KO 7 round.

  14. sw1000xg says:

    Sorry but the Klitschkos have ruled in an era of the worst HW I have seen
    since the 50’s… Every one of them, is just bum, after bum, after bum,
    after bum!

  15. MrGlaskasten says:

    Yeah, I also hoped to see somewhat more interesting. Looked very much like
    the fight vs Mormeck in the first rounds

  16. ben brenn says:

    yes the best, betwen the weakest!!

  17. H6rdc0re says:

    Wladimir worked in his speed. He seems to have lost muscle in order to do
    it. Povetkin has no chance.

  18. MrGlaskasten says:

    Will you recommend someone stronger? 🙂 So, where are they hiding? 🙂

  19. colamesta says:

    Sexton, Glazkov, Sprott, Cunningham, Uzyk, Tufte… not bad sparring

  20. Monica Gigioconda says:

    USSSR….Wladimir and povetkin with love frrrom Rrrussia

  21. Trimor234 sholder says:

    If Povetkin will act in Cory Sanders manner he can win.

  22. вася васюнович says:

    Удачи !

  23. Duba White says:

    Klitschko’s Brothers!

  24. Kulak Sily says:

    Шанс всегда есть!

  25. TheCossackmate says:

    Klitschko has lifted boxing on a new level, that is a fact. Smart classic
    boxing without emotions. I believe fight against Povetkin will be
    interesting but still Russkie will be only Klitschko’s next nummber.