Wladimir Klitschko vs Alexander Povetkin Full Fight HD

By , September 3, 2014 6:01 am

Wladimir Klitschko Video Rating: three / five

25 Responses to “Wladimir Klitschko vs Alexander Povetkin Full Fight HD”

  1. VikingII says:

    Fights like Ali. None of you seem to have a problem with him though…

  2. Nemanja Grbovic says:

    Povetkin is too small for a heavyweight if he drops to cruserweight he
    would crush all division.

  3. Grim Bastard says:

    can some one tell me the awesome Russian song of Povetkin ?

  4. nykia31 says:

    The reason why Klitchko’s fights are all ‘boring’, is because his opponents
    get to a point where they quit wanting to throw punches. Wlad’s right hand
    is no joke, and fighters don’t like the taste of it once they eat a few.

    Ive come to enjoy Wladimir, and seeing him grow and perfect his craft. I
    have nothing but respect for his career.

  5. Denis Marinov says:

    I respect Brothers Klitchko, like both and propably will ayways, they are
    my heroes…. but that match was…. softly – emberasing (sory for a bad
    english by the way), i think Vladimir could win without those… how to
    say, those durty tricks (pushing down, grabing and more).
    Vladimir you are a 10 years unbeаtable, Great Champion act like one….
    what more to say.. and o yea fight with a equivalent fighters, cuz Alex
    Liapai was not !

  6. John Kronofogen says:

    какой же уродливый симбиоз из Кобзона- Михалкова-Валуева…и “знатока”
    бокса – дуры Исымбаевой!))))

  7. Jordan Jordanov says:

    Terrible fight from Klitschko … I would say even ugly fight! This is no
    boxing. This is bullsh*t. In two weeks Klitschko will face his nighmare
    from Bulgaria – KUBRAT PULEV! And Klitschko era will end the 06-Sept. Wait
    and see!

  8. Rax Lex says:

    Wtf Wladimir is hugging every time this proves Vitali is better because
    Vitali doesn’t do excessive amount of holding like this

  9. Mimo Mimov says:

    hahaha,and this is boxing..boxing of the highest world level ?? hahaha,what
    is this-game of leapfrog, wrestling …but no boxing!! What a degradation
    of the boxing!!

  10. Adenariz DMT says:

    Why doesn’t the referee penalize Wlad for playing dirty?

  11. John Kronofogen says:

    Поветкин – мудак, как и все русские,которые лижут анус Путлеру.

  12. toly78 says:

    Poor “champion” Grabymir Klinchko he is going to bite the board on Sept

  13. tony hancock says:

    Peek a boo would suit Povetkin in this new age of 6ft 6+ guys like Wilder,
    Fury etc

  14. Killa Kam says:

    What a shit show..

  15. mitkoman says:

    Hugging fest from Grabimir Clinchko and the referee didn,t do anything
    about it …..these days rotten boxing

  16. AlexRaGeAHoLiC says:

    to many hugs

  17. Bruno Duarte says:

    Round 5 is the reason why Wlad will go down in history as a Paper
    Champion… I respect what he has achieved and admire both brothers hard
    work and dedication but for wlad ….he will never be a peoples champ

  18. Dave Ross says:

    give me a pair of gloves and i will hit wladimir straight out of the arena
    and he will land 34 miles away, supper power me. no he is a good fighter,
    he bashed and brused david haye and banged him hard in 2 face hard punches
    to his face. david took them. but haye still a flipping arshole

  19. Dina Zikova says:

    Povetkin – Pussy
    Russia – Shit
    Putin – Hujlo

  20. mitkoman says:

    Povetkin haircut is another fail :)))

  21. Javed Buttar says:

    this is fucking WWE not boxing. ill never have respect for vladimir he’s a
    hack who’s been knocked out by NOBODIES

  22. ZheleznyPravosek says:

    Вот и выяснили кто Русь, а кто кривичи.

  23. Al4utube says:


  24. ovod45 says:

    Начало войны. Начало становления новой Киевской Руси. Печенег(Поветкин)
    против Русича(Кличко). Слава Украине!

  25. Sedat Cifteoglu says:

    Fuck the russian music respect thu Ukrain music