Wladimir Klitschko vs Chris Byrd

By , May 13, 2014 6:37 am

Wladimir Klitschko Online video Score: four / 5

17 Responses to “Wladimir Klitschko vs Chris Byrd”

  1. Teflon Shawn says:

    NEVER EVER have I had to press the mute button while watching a fight on
    youtube in my life. Chris Byrd should be ashamed for letting that dumb
    bitch come to his fight.

  2. swewunna says:

    Tracy Byrd is F-I-T but she is also very annoying. I don’t know whether her
    screams are an encouragement or distraction to Chris. Probably the latter.
    It’s easy to box on your bum by hte ring side. Chris Byrd was out boxed by
    a better and BIGGER Guy.

  3. Marcus Joyner says:

    It may be sick, but I sure enjoy watching Chris Byrd get pummeled for
    12rds. Wish Klitschko would switch up from the red trunks and go back to
    the blue

  4. Tyler Powell says:

    I hate watching guys like Byrd fight. Scared to take shots and they are
    masters of the cheap, sneaky punch. Just another pussy ass brother. Their
    kind will never be truly liked by anyone.

  5. chykcha says:

    Is Byrd still married to that woman? If yes, he has patience of a saint. 

  6. johannsebastienbach says:

    byrd might fancy a good chance against an inside brawler such as tyson or a
    combo boxer like holyfield where he can use his evasive tricks to outbox
    and frustrate his opponent, but never he stands a chance against a skilful
    punch who fights outside his range. In here wlad simply popped him with
    jabs outside his range and when he had byrd’s head spinning simply dumped
    in his HARD right. Byrd who frustrates most of his opponents get the
    frustration here! I hardly byrd landing more than a few punches and he
    struggled immensely

  7. len nuqui says:

    kliczko….GOLOTA by cie rozpierdolil SUKO

  8. johannsebastienbach says:

    that was byrd at his peak there. it’s how far byrd can go. He had
    absoluately 0 chance against a skiled powerful puncher fighting from
    distance outside his range. His style just means that he’s so screwed.
    Completely outboxed here. Would imagine how lennox will fxxk him up as well
    in the same way

  9. TiagoKzl says:

    Who the fuck is that anoying bitch yelling all the fight ?

  10. yohannes80 says:

    you too!

  11. doonungfungpleng says:

    good fight

  12. DeIced htims says:

    Wlad is not Russian, he’s Ukrainian. Get your facts straight you dumbass!

  13. Saeed Sardar says:

    Chris Byrd! Your bumpy face will now accept that Russian can fight hard.
    Chris Byrd had said after he won from Vitali Klitcho when Vitali withdrew
    from the fight because of his shoulder injury that Russian cannot fight

  14. tallswede80 says:

    chris byrd said in klitschko hits really hard.

  15. Dane-Michael Starwood says:

    Chris Byrd would be a very frustrating opponent to fight, also very
    frustrating to watch.

  16. Владимир Харьяков says:

    One of the best fights Wlad in his boxing career,

  17. Matias873 says:

    damn that bitch is annoying in the background