Wladimir Klitschko vs Eddie Chambers Round 12 KO {03.20.2010}

By , March 17, 2014 6:19 pm

Wladimir Klitschko Movie Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Wladimir Klitschko vs Eddie Chambers Round 12 KO {03.20.2010}”

  1. danielstoverify says:

    wladimir knocks out a guy he outweighs by almost 35 pounds and is almost
    half a foot taller then in the final round?

    unbelievable. you are truly an inspiration to all of your country men.

  2. nopackdrill says:

    (3) .. cont …injury vs Byrd whose ass was handed him by Vitali til he
    lost motor control of his arm when even those who criticised him at the
    time withdrew their criticism when they realised its seriousness -but that
    was a decade ago LMAO! You mistake Vitali for Wlad over Vitali’s
    NECESSARYwithdrawal a decade ago? Tosser, you’ve seriously xposed yrself in
    these exchanges; believe what you want but don;t pretend yr an objective
    expert when yr an emotionally-driven anti-Klitscho anti-White Negro

  3. jperez9805 says:

    Haha, classic. Compelled to make personal attacks in order to TRY to prove
    a point. “Sanders was a class A fighter”. With KO losses to Nate Tubbs??
    Osborne Manimana?? Again, buddy, trying to make excuses for legitimate KO
    losses to B fighters is a sad stretch. Bottom line, debating with you is a
    monumental waste of ANYONE’S time. Your youtube page is a Klitschko
    Devotion page. Again, I’m an unbiased Boxing Fan, you’re a Klitshcko fan
    who thinks Wlad is a better hvywt than……JACK JOHNSON???

  4. 3Kiwiana says:

    Nice one… don’t worry you aint the only one who is dealing with this
    jperez retard

  5. Damson19 says:

    Beznadziejni komentatorzy

  6. Grapesoflol says:

    i don’t see any reason too.

  7. MrSnow1961 says:

    All three beat Willard. I suggest you find another interest. You know
    absolutely nothing about boxing.

  8. dellboi94 says:

    didn’t say he won’t beat Marciano, I said he has nothing on his legacy,
    Let’s say a prime Tyson was to face Wlad and Landed some of his ferocious
    hooks are you seriously saying that glass chin Wlad could handle it.

  9. jperez9805 says:

    What part of my posts indicate that I’m racist? The Klitschkos are dominant
    in an era when the heavyweight division is lacking real talent.

  10. jperez9805 says:

    “I couldn’t care less what happened over 100 years ago”. Really? Yet, you
    went out of your way to go to a Jack Johnson video to say that Klitschko
    would beat him?? Not to mention the pathetic fact that anyone who views
    your page can see that for OVER TWO YEARS, your disturbing obsession has
    been to fight with people over Klitschko posts. Wow, pal. Over two wasted
    years, loaded with unreasonable posts that you’ve “contributed” that hold
    zero validity. You’re only response?..I’m racist. 🙁

  11. MrSnow1961 says:

    Wlad was not his his prime when he lost to Sanders who was a good fighter.
    Also way before his prime when he lost to Purrity when he punched himself
    out. First Brewster fight was a total fraud and he avenged the loss. Your
    dumb ass post is all the proof I need you are a clueless idiot that knows 0
    about boxing.

  12. jperez9805 says:

    Gee pal, you really exhaust every effort in telling people they don’t know
    Boxing. My perception is that this is your desperate attempt at masking
    your own lack of knowledge regarding the Sweet Science. After all, your one
    dimensional favoritism of the Klitschkos is so blatantly apparent that you
    are far from reasonable, unbiased and objective. Heck, we might as well
    slap capes on them! 🙂 BTW, your “racist” finger pointing is as feeble as
    it gets. Try to read my previous post with an open mind.

  13. 3Kiwiana says:

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha since 2000 baby

  14. MrMetz85 says:

    That left hook did not seem powerful, but that is the damage Wlad can do.
    He punches correctly, but he doesn’t step in and puch through the target as
    funny as that sounds. Most likely due to being knocked out before and his
    reluctance to take any chances.

  15. MrSnow1961 says:

    Nice new troll account asshole.

  16. Godfrey de Ibelin says:

    @Kabat543 @Sztangista123 polecam zobaczyc walke z povetkinem jak go lał i
    jakie lajpo miał potem povetkin

  17. nopackdrill says:

    that’s simply not true, like so many others you’ve fallen for the
    propaganda, Ali fought mostly bums w/ a dozen or so losses under their
    belts – who did Tyson fight other than Spinks & Ruddock? Fact is the HW
    division is no worse now than it’s ever been, but when you get such a
    dominant force as the Klitschko brothers they make good fighters look like
    bums. I d/k whether you’re a serious fan or a dilettante but i’m the former
    & most of us utterly reject the false notion you’re perpetuating.

  18. Bill clinton says:

    Dont waste your time on this no-brained incompetent weasel. He is a
    klitschko worshipping fool who is paid to type these comments everyday…
    Lewis is a far better fighter then vitali. The better fighter won that
    night. And holyfield is not over rated. Both him and Lennox both have
    better records then either of these jabbing giants

  19. MrSnow1961 says:

    Don’t waste too much time with this troll jackass. He’s a pathetic little
    twit has has no life and has nothing better to do than to troll here.

  20. Francozilla says:

    The numbskull (Freeleacher) below me is a fucking hater. He’s the one whose
    brain dead, courtesy of the US boxing media. Time to shut up now, hater.

  21. jperez9805 says:

    I’m not offended or disturbed by your hypocritical posts, buddy.
    Entertained? Yes. It’s funny that you go out of your way to personally
    attack people just because they don’t agree with your ass backwards
    thinking. Best of luck, chappie.

  22. Grapesoflol says:


  23. Bill clinton says:

    This fight is rigged. Chambers took a dive, Ive been trying to tell this to
    Mr Snowman for months now but his brain is Made of Granite and smooth as a
    pool ball.

  24. Bill clinton says:

    3:14 he takes a dive. punch lands on the glove

  25. 3Kiwiana says:

    You know who YOU ARE… THERE IS NO DEBATING..! Forget it why don’t you