Wladimir Klitschko vs Francesco Pianeta – ALL 3 Knock Down’s – 3 x KO !

By , October 27, 2013 12:02 pm

Wladimir Klitschko Online video Ranking: four / 5

24 Responses to “Wladimir Klitschko vs Francesco Pianeta – ALL 3 Knock Down’s – 3 x KO !”

  1. Gilbert Nguyen says:

    Pianeta doesn’t have a name in heavyweight boxing..who was he anyways? People got to know him because of the Klitschko fight. What a waste of choosing Wladimir’s enemies..I prefer Wladimir would have knocked out Fury or Haye´╗┐ this time

  2. schaub13ryan says:

    Nope, not forgetting ­čÖé But I think what you meant to say was when Lennox got a cut on Vitali’s face with the edge of´╗┐ his glove in a fight that Vitali was winning on all judges scorecards! And yes, Purity beat Vladimir; so big brother Vitali had to come back and beat Purity’s ass!! ­čÖé

  3. ganstathuginit says:

    hope we’re not forgetting when lennox removed vitali’s eye or´╗┐ wladimir was running from purrity =D

  4. schaub13ryan says:

    I love the Klitschko brothers; but I would like to see some sort´╗┐ of challenge for them in the heavyweight division.

  5. Eukaryotenify says:

    pianeta had krebs fought his way up´╗┐ pianeta was handicaped anyway…

  6. atlien991 says:

    He’s a great boxer but his competition´╗┐ is a bunch of bums. It’s the truth.

  7. atlien991 says:

    Agreed. But white people like the Klitschko brothers so you won’t hear them being called out for fighting bums like you would if any other champ was fighting all these fatties.´╗┐

  8. FFMM7 says:

    He has lots of unathletic oponents also like brock,byrd,chamber,wach,pianeta.
    Easy to beat these´╗┐ losers.

  9. FFMM7 says:

    Maximum tall boring guys.But Fury,Price,Vitali klitschko´╗┐ haven’t big muscle

  10. redryan5048 says:

    Dude Lewis was really boring and Never went for Kos when he couold have due to his´╗┐ yellow streak……..

  11. VelocityOnhorizon says:

    Klitscko is 10 years older than Pianeta, but stronger, more agile. He´╗┐ destroying his opponents from distance with hard jabs and straights.He doesn’t using uppercuts and hooks. A great boxer. He will destroy Povetkin soon!

  12. theretrogamerno1 says:

    Hey thanks for chechking out my channal ­čśë oh yeah ive been boxing since the age of four my education as a kid was Amstrong Johnson Cerdan Jake La Motta Rocky Marciano oh i can go on´╗┐ and on ,i was the best boxer of my club in the city of Lille in France at 17 i had already beaten 12 fighters and lost only 3 times and 2 draws , i ust to be a big boy´╗┐ round about 15 and a half stone since i was 5 i ust to spare with men and at 14 i ust to knock men out but since my bike accident i couldn’t recover

  13. phil harrison says:

    also if your family are boxers I wouldn’t mind fighting one on one, like I said before I box so that comment certainly didn’t scare me by any means. it shows your a pussy by getting your family involved straight away.. you also say go look in mirror. I did and looking back at me was a 6ft 2 / 16 stone figure (mostly muscle/ not all).. judging by your girl hands you wouldn’t be anywhere near that..so yeah chances are you would be knocked out.´╗┐

  14. phil harrison says:

    sorry just had to reply after your response.. A- if someone was using a gun why would they try n knock you out?? wouldn’t they just shoot you??? B- if all your family are boxers you must be the black sheep. ive come to this conclusion by looking at your chanel and noticing you talk gay,your videos are gay..you have girl hands..all you know in life are video games.. and to have a room just for your games collection well that’s just something else.. no wonder youd need your family to´╗┐ back u up..

  15. pjmcginty1888 says:

    The klitschkos are borin the sport´╗┐ inty the grave. Spouse you could always give the argument of “if its not broke why fix it” and let them continue takin easy fights an winning

  16. Cody Cee says:

    It fucking sucks that Cunningham lost to Tyson Fury ….That would have been a good fight. I’m´╗┐ white but there are to many big boring white dudes in the heavyweight division right now….including Fury .

  17. theretrogamerno1 says:

    Ahhh the good old insult and i’m not replying technique , impressive…not , lol knock me out ? sure of course ­čśë maybe with a gun but don’t worry´╗┐ my hole family are boxers so you’ll be occupied , now go look in the mirror and continue to think your a hot shot i hope one day you realize how much of a retard you really are.

  18. phil harrison says:

    You pitty me….look knobhead I cant stand arguing by text because its gay to be fair.. one thing is for if you was stood in front of me arguing I would knock you the fuck out. so you wont be getting a response to any gay message you send after´╗┐ this.. good look in life go bore someone else

  19. theretrogamerno1 says:

    I love it how you just repeat what you say and´╗┐ don’t even attempt an argument te respond to mine , i pitty you

  20. phil harrison says:

    Ill admit I dont know everything you brought it up that you had such a high amount of intelligence. listen, we could´╗┐ argue forever but as my original statement says this was a complete miss match and disgrace how he strung it out, END OF. ive said it, many other people have said it, critics have said it and even pro fighters. but because you have the most Undisputed Boxing Knowledge Of The Woooooorld…..were all wrong!!! ill leave you to rest that big fat head of yours before it bursts…

  21. nepse says:

    Don’t look at the stats and assume you know what happened. Watch the fight, I’m sure it’s on youtube. Lewis didn’t want to knock Tua´╗┐ out. He wanted to show how incapable Tua was and at the same how untouchable Lewis was. He pretty much jabed him 12 rounds straight and Tua bearly touched Lewis. Watch the last rounds if you don’t believe me.

  22. CristianBogdan1 says:

    Nr. 2 is Vitali Klitschko nr. 3 is Povetkin and´╗┐ that fight is shedulled for august or september.

  23. theretrogamerno1 says:

    Okay Mr no it all , give me one heavyweight that could fight him i suppose your gonna give me some americans or something Klitshcko has beaten every worthy fighter of his generation plus the great fighters thought bums aswell´╗┐ if you had an idea about boxing you would know that there promoters set them with easy fights to stay champ .

  24. Haino Max says:

    Why Klitschko dont fihgt against no. 2 or no.3 all the time with nobodys.´╗┐ This are not sport fight this are only showfights.