Wladimir Klitschko vs Jean Marc Mormeck – Round 4

By , August 1, 2012 12:52 pm

Wladimir Klitschko Movie Score: 4 / five

25 Responses to “Wladimir Klitschko vs Jean Marc Mormeck – Round 4”

  1. luisdecofigo says:

    Chisora’s number 07957996530

  2. cranyonrye says:

    The greatest Pound 4 Pound fighter on the planet and up there with the all time great Heavyweight champs. King Wlads Greatness as a champ can no longer be ignored or denied.

  3. AKABoxingFan says:

    David Price is miles ahead of Fury, and he willtake over from the Klits. I’d say he’d have a small chance now and after maybe 5 or so more fights he’ll be ready for a shot. Fury wanted nothing to do with Price.
    I think Fury is a good one too, but very hard to take him seriously when he comes in fat and flabby. Get some roadwork in lad, and lose some flab.

  4. kayfabes says:

    agreed. Fury doesn’t seem like he could handle the big time, but the concept could be interesting

  5. krljamsi says:

    Fallobst, mehr kann man dazu nicht sagen…
    Kakav je ovo protivnik, gde su ga iskopali, svasta…
    Who the hell is choosing the oponents for the fights, I cannot believe, that there is no fighter out therr who can beat the Klitschkos, but this one was really weak…

  6. Vertuification says:


  7. Reddishwonderkid says:

    Klitschkos are the most boring fighters to have ever lived I would never pay to watch 1 of there fights or even stay up all night to watch 1 the heavyweight division is ridiculous a mean the governing bodies I believe should re ignite the division which is possible a mean read the description Wladimir klitschko IBF, WBO, WBA its stupid why not 1 governing body and not 10 oz gloves but 8oz and make some authentic match making thats what our sport needs!!!

  8. patwhu says:

    Tyson Fury will never be a elite level fighgter he doesn’t even bother to get in shape for his fights what chance has he got against Klitschko

  9. kayfabes says:

    Tyson Fury vs Klitschko could be interesting in the future……if Fury doesn’t punch himself

  10. jumpnam says:

    I don’t think you can say they’ve avoided all the best fighters. There’s no one left to fight; between them they’ve cleaned out the division. Who haven’t they fought? Thompson, Peter, Chambers, Adamek, Arreola, Haye, Chisora, Gomez, Johnson, Sosnowski, Solis and Chagaev have all fallen and with the exception of Chisora not even been competitive. Who’s left? Helenius, Fury and Price aren’t ready yet, and Povetkin won’t fight them. Who are these ‘best fighters’ you mention?

  11. Huzler says:

    While I agree the Klitschkos have lacked quality opponents who exactly have they avoided?? There is no Heavyweight out there who is of real quality to avoid.

  12. grzegorz77madej says:

    mormeck 1punch after 5 minutes, he was lame

  13. StepXX says:

    @mpjacko80 You obviously have problems with Klitschko)

  14. reprog30 says:

    je suis déçu que mormeck et perdu en plus par ko ! grrrrrr mai il y a rien a dire wladimir et un grand champion ! respect pour mormeck qui a tout donné pour boxé un champion

  15. mpjacko80 says:

    part 3: The problem you are going to get is what i call the Calzaghe syndrome where the Klitschkos are close to retirement, realise that they have avoided all the best fighters as champion and then try and convince the public that they are the best by fighting someone who who was good but is now too old.

  16. mpjacko80 says:

    The problem with the Klitschkos, mainly because they are the champions so can chose who they want to fight, is that firstly they avoid each other and secondly avoid the next best fighters. It’s good that lesser quality fighters get a shot at the title but as champion they should be fighting the best. Also, how many times have they fought. Not enough in my opinion.


  17. mpjacko80 says:

    The problem with the Klitschko and boxing itself is that the best boxers never get to fight between themselves. The governing bodies should do more to enforce matches between the best fighters i.e numbers 1 and 2 etc but also make fighters box more in set period i.e at least every 4 months.

  18. bordshat says:

    Klitchsko would find it difficult to fight Chisora even if he wanted to: He’s banned!

  19. ArbourParq1 says:

    They are so far and above everyone, it’s unbelievable.

  20. mattiamagyar says:

    honestly man, whoever disses the klitschkos is nothing but a hater. the fact is they ARENT 6’1, they are the way they are…thats like saying if tyson didnt have his craziness he would be average…come on, stop hating. klitschko brothers are the best!

  21. gnrslash1987 says:

    another fool preaching from a chair.. they are dominating their weight division. They can only fight the opposition available! and they destroy when they do. wake the fuck up!

  22. gnrslash1987 says:

    you are a serious fool!! do you actually believe anything you just said?

  23. satiDSproject says:

    mormeck got destroyed by haye….like really wlad fight someone with heart….fight chisora u pussy and stop hiding behind vitali…the only klitchsko that can fight…ur an embarrassment mate.

  24. david260495 says:

    Bravo za up

  25. GreenHasu says:

    lol if doesnt count whiningface