Wladimir Klitschko vs Tony Thompson 2012 07 08 Full Fight

By , September 26, 2012 11:59 pm

Wladimir Klitschko Video clip Rating: 4 / five

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    почему? они заслужили это место…это бизнес… и такое место сливать глупо…чем дольше на нем сидят тем больше денег капает…а в наше время нужно много денег что бы хватило …


    48:55, 52:00 прикольно загнался комментатор…

  3. 6gunwalker says:

    the klitschko brothers are one of the most “classyiest” boxers to ever represent the Heavyweight… true professionals

  4. leadster88 says:

    Tyson coming back and taking his title(s) away? What the fuck are you on? Tyson is nearly 50 years old…his prime was 20 years ago! Lewis? Again 20+ years…

    I think you have no idea what you’re talking about to be completely honest.

  5. zeon916 says:

    по моему он вообще сдался, струсил. Сколько ему заплатили интересно. но в любом случае не отработал.

  6. zeon916 says:

    Мешкобой томсон опять по щам получил от Владимира. А то только мешков лупит. А тут забыл как в прошлый раз от Володи огреб по шапке.

  7. CorePathway says:

    do these chumps know how to jab? Larry Holmes would have owned them.

  8. reltih89 says:

    Sorry to all black folks here but the only ‘modern’ fighter that could face Wladimir would be Mike Tyson that would be intersting fight. I wish we could turn the time back and have both fighers face each other.

    Or another respect is to Lennox Lewis- full respect!!

  9. reltih89 says:

    I don’t understand why Wladimir fought with Thompson and Mormeck that was complete waste!! He should fight Tyson Fury or Helenius, well the WIKING is next on November 10th so we will see. At least he is not 40 or small, actually bigger than Wladimir.

  10. gianluciano says:

    i think if one of these two guys would have found in their way someone of the nineties like Holyfield or Tyson…well…you got the pic

  11. kvazya1987 says:

    быстрее бы Кличко вырубили

  12. DimitriDiatchenko says:

    I was impressed with Vladimir’s defense in this fight. He blocked just about every punch Thompson threw. Offense was not as exciting as some of Vladimir’s other fights, but as usual, the Ukrainian Stallion took out his opponent decisively. To the idiot who claims that some black guy is gonna beat him because he is a better athlete….HA….I guess you have your work cut out for you. Vlad has beaten everyone who’s come knocking. Ukrainians #1, brother.

  13. parraphrase says:

    Tony fought with no heart.

  14. SanctusSatanas says:

    You are an absolute abomination.

  15. 4453640able says:

    klitschko will have his moment over when he meets up with the tyson the lewis and the fighters who are not to far off from stepping into the ring and from removing his title. a fighter who can take a punch and throw them back twice as hard with talent!!! this is when klit will retire not because of his age but knowing he’ll go down. hypothetically, a boxer & a ufc fighter both belt holders. now the boxer can just box and ufc by his rules.to even things up boxer is heavywt.young tyson vs silva???

  16. heymarkoslol says:

    The commentary is fuckin annoying.

  17. clemdarr says:

    i have a high respect to klitschko bro. they have a good attitude…love them

  18. chinhido2 says:

    Negron perdio, Russia #1.

  19. gg8818 says:

    his only fan.lol

  20. isayusufagac says:

    one shitty fight, like all other fights of Klitschko brothers, no combined attacks, mostly defense, just shaking his left hand like a fucking animal swinging its pawn, and it s all set up, organization always arrange fights to Klitschko with either untalented or short or very old boxers… that black fuck didnt even throw a just one real punch entire match…

  21. Gonzoidz says:

    Wladimir is the main man!

  22. THhisISwhyImHOT13 says:

    go to 58:12!!

  23. orkun16mm says:

    bad :(

  24. Edgar Uchuari says:

    es m
    el put… amo peso pesado.

  25. tonyjaain says:

    48:08 hahahah best Part 😀